What is a Life Group?
It is a group of 3 to 40 people gathering together to fellowship, connect, and grow. 
What happens in a Life Group?
When you join a Life Group you can expect to connect by fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.
Life groups provide long-term relationships that provide support and accountability.
How do I join a Life Group?
It’s easy, you can attend a Life group meeting.
For more information about dates and times for each group you are interested in.
Young Adults- A group for people the ages 18-30 
Wisdom Walkers- A group for ages 45 and up for fellowship with friends and connection through Christ
Synergy Group- A group for people the ages 30 to 50 including singles, couples, and families. 
A group for strengthen marriages, enrich families, and impact the community for Jesus Christ. Couples participate in praying together, fellowship, discuss the issues of marriage, relax, and have fun together.