Ministry Update

Ministry Update, June 25

Dear LFO Family,
 First, let me say that our staff and many others at Living Faith Outreach are responding to the COVID-19 virus situation with all the love, faith, and wisdom God is providing. 
We sure have been enjoying our 21st Anniversary of LFO with some special anointed meetings throughout the week. We are going to continue to celebrate the start of a new year in ministry but with a temporary shift in how we are going to proceed. In light of Governor Abbot’s posting that because of the recent surge of the COVID-19 virus in the Houston area, he is encouraging people to stay in their homes as much as possible.  

We gathered together as a staff and agreed that putting our in-person services on pause temporarily would be the responsible thing to do. So, starting tonight, June 25, Friday, June 26, and Sunday, June 28, our services this week will be live-streamed only.  This is not a step back but just a shift in moving forward.  Please continue to stay connected and let us know of any prayer requests you may have.  We are still going to enjoy that anniversary cake when we can all be together!

We love you! Pastors John and JeanaAs a reminder: This week’s Anniversary services and our Living Faith Outreach services, Wednesday and Sunday will be live-streamed on our website:, YouTube, and on Facebook LIVE @livingfaithoutreach.


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