Ministry Updates

As of March 10, 2021

First, let me say that our staff and many others at Living Faith Outreach are responding to the COVID-19 virus situation with all the love, faith, and wisdom God is providing.  We have in-person services on Sundays and Wednesdays with some minor adjustments:

Since the governor has lifted the face mask mandate, the wearing of face masks upon entering the building and during services is optional.  If you prefer to continue to wear a face mask, please do.

If you are not feeling well or have fever, please stay home on join us online for the live streamed service. Please know that if for any reason you are not comfortable in attending an in-person event at the church, we fully understand and completely respect your decision. In person or live stream, we are still family. Thank you again for “staying the course.” We win!

We are excited to have our KIDS Church and Nursery open! Please go to the church’s website,, and register your children by Saturday at 7:00 PM. There are guidelines in place to help ensure the safety of your children as well as our workers and volunteers. You may begin checking in your children at 9:45 AM. Only one parent may check in children and the same parent must pick up your children. Every person will have a temperature check upon entering your child’s classroom. Children attending KIDS Church will need a face mask. Since the schools are requiring face masks until the end of the school year, we will continue to implement the wearing a masks for KIDs Church as well.  It is so important that we stay close during this time. 

Our community has been through a great deal in the past several years.  We have come through it, and this will not be an exception.  We will all come through this together by God’s love and power.

Faithfull yours,

Pastor John and Jeana Gilligan

How to access Livestream Service:

-Go to the search engine (this can be engines such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari) and type in: then click enter
-Scroll down on the home page to “ LIVE STREAM SERVICE” there is where the live stream will show the service

How to give Online:

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– In the box that says “DONATE” and give through PayPal


How to access Live Stream Service:

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 How to Give online:

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Water Baptism is an outward testimony to yourself, your body, those in attendance, and God, of what has already taken place inside you:  a spiritual awakening of eternal life in Christ.  It is a personal statement of your faith.  Expect to hear God’s voice of blessing.

Preparation:  Women should wear modest shorts or pants and a top.  Men may wear modest short or pants and a T-shirt.  Bring a change of clothes, a towel and a plastic bag for your wet clothes.  Changing rooms are provided.  Please listen to the, Understanding Water Baptism” teaching from Dylis Mulder.
If you would like to be water baptized, please fill out the form at the back table of the church.  Future baptism dates will be announced soon.