As Hurricane Laura nears the Gulf Coast, we want our church family to be able to prepare and be safe. Therefore, we will not have our midweek service on Wednesday, August 26, nor will we live stream. If you planned on giving during the midweek service, you may still do so online or you can drop it in the mail. As of now, the office will be closed Wednesday and Thursday. We are praying for your families to be protected and we cover you with peace in Jesus’ name as this storm passes through our region. We are praying for an uneventful outcome in the name of Jesus!  

Stay safe and blessed and we will see you Sunday!

Carol Searle
Living Faith Outreach
3700 Deats Road
Dickinson, TX 77539

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Dear LFO Family,

Isaiah 30:21 tells us “your ears will hear a word behind you ‘This is the way, walk ye in it…'”

Over the past few months, we have done our best to listen and respond to the way God has been leading us during this season of ministry.  God has truly blessed us as we continue to move forward as a body, doing our best to advance His kingdom.  This has involved a willingness to change, adapt, and sacrifice, and we are ever so grateful for the part you continue to play in all of this. 

We’ve been live-streaming solely for the past few services and now feel a release to resume our in-person services with some minor adjustments.  Since our governor has mandated the wearing of masks in places of business, restaurants, etc., we are STRONGLY RECOMMENDING the wearing of a mask during our worship services until further notice. (Churches have not been mandated but we do this for love’s sake.) If you do not have a mask, we can provide one for you. We have also purchased infrared thermometers to check everyone as they enter the building.  Evangelist Phillip Baker has observed that in churches he has ministered at, people appear to be very appreciative when this service is offered.  If you are not feeling well or have fever, please stay home on join us online for the live streamed service. 

Please know that if for any reason you are not comfortable in attending an in-person event at the church, we fully understand and completely respect your decision. In person or live-stream, we are still family. 

Thank you again for “staying the course.”  We win!

Overcomers in Him, 
John and Jeana


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