Word of the Lord that God gave Linda Dorsey:

Sunday morning as Pastor Jeana was ministering on “engaging” and Pastor John on “passivity,” I realized that these two things were opposites.  If you’re passive, you can’t engage and if you are engaging, you aren’t passive.

Passivity comes from no energy, no desire to do anything, or not knowing what to do, which leads to depression, lack of interest and no spiritual energy.  We may want to “engage” but not sure how, when, where, or why.  (“Is there a cause?”)

The government has tried to divide us into two groups: those who are “essential” and those who aren’t.  Just being told you aren’t essential can cause passivity.  So we think there’s nothing we can do but ride out the storm.

But God wants to wake us up.  He spoke to me, “You are essential!”  All of you (the church) are essential! We are essential to God and His Kingdom being advanced.  The word “essential” means needed.  It also means “valuable.”  We are all essential and valuable to the Kingdom.  God needs us to pray, to love people, and to share the gospel!

Jesus said to “occupy” until He comes.”  So once we know we’re essential (needed and valuable) and we’re not passive anymore, then we can occupy!  We’re not afraid anymore but bold for the Kingdom of God.  If we are passive, we won’t occupy.  We will let fear in and say, “I can’t ______.”  But if we know we’re essential, we know we are needed by the King, not just to pray like “Lord, please put an utter end to this coronavirus etc.”  NO!  He said IF My people will PRAY.  It’s on us the church to do something – to engage.  We’re needed to pray in the spirit (where the battles are won), taking our authority over the darkness and disease that’s trying to take over our world.  He gave us the power!  The church needs to rise up with a new spirit of boldness and use the power He gave us!

Today is 7-14!  II Chronicles 7:14  The Lord said to ask those who want to engage and occupy to spend (at least) 7 minutes and 14 seconds praying for our country today!

Here’s a prayer guideline to get you started: Father God, we come before You today on 7-14 to pray for our nation.  Your Word in II Chronicles 7:14 says, “IF My people, called by MY Name, will humble themselves and pray…..

THEN I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”  Father, we thank You for this great land and that Your good hand is upon it.  We plead the blood of Jesus over it and especially Washington, DC.  We lift up President Trump and Vice President Pence.  We pray for Your peace and protection to cover them and their families.  We bind every evil plot, plan and scheme of the enemy to destroy this nation, its economy, and our President.  Father, we ask for Your wisdom, guidance and plans to be given him. Strengthen him physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!